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2021-23 Social Media Policy

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Helensburgh Lawn Tennis Club Social Media Policy

1. Introduction and scope

Helensburgh Lawn Tennis Club wants everyone to feel confident in sharing great news from within the tennis community. For the purpose of this policy, social media includes, but is not limited to, services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. It does not include personal emails or texts.

2. Security and Confidentiality

When social media sites or accounts are used in any official club role it must be ensured that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Helensburgh LTC data and any personal information supplied to, or obtained by, Helensburgh LTC is protected. Any use of social media must conform to this policy, to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and to the Helensburgh LTC Data Protection and Privacy Policy, available on the club website. Social media services such as Whatsapp that copy the user’s address book or other third party personal information to the social media provider’s servers are not compliant with the GDPR and must not be used for official Helensburgh LTC purposes.

3. Management of Social Media Accounts

Personal social media accounts must not be used for any official HLTC purpose. An official or unofficial Helensburgh Lawn Tennis Club social media presence using the organisation’s trademarks or name must not be created without prior approval from the HLTC Committee. An official club email address must be used to register the club’s account and login details must be kept secure. It must be ensured that more than one person has access to the account and at least two people must check it regularly. Personal login details for a club-affiliated social media site must never be shared with anyone else unless that has been agreed in advance with the club committee.

All social media profiles must clearly state that the account is officially connected with Helensburgh Lawn Tennis Club, and must include a link to www.tennishelensburgh.org.uk If a club social media site is not being updated or is no longer needed, its removal should be discussed with the Helensburgh LTC Committee.

4. Content

Language and tone must be appropriate for the specific social media channel and audience using a friendly, yet professional, manner. Timely responses – all accounts must clearly state when and how they are monitored, and whether customers/members should expect a response. Writing style– all published messages should use correct spelling and grammar. Text speak should only be used when absolutely necessary. Avoid spam or overusing the platforms and risking losing audience. Social media posts should be published at least a few hours apart from each other except in very urgent cases.

Advance permission must be obtained before posting any personal information about an individual. This includes any identifiable video or still images as well as comments such as discussing a person’s tennis ability. Any such personal data must comply with the GDPR which includes ensuring that it must be accurate and that the individual has the right to see the data being posted, to correct it or to ask for all instances of it to be fully deleted. More details on the protection of personal data are given in the HLTC Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

If information is being sent to club members via social media it must be ensured that any club member who does not wish to use that particular type of social media is not placed at any disadvantage by being excluded from the information.

Any incidents of bullying or inappropriate behaviour including offensive language, images or comments must be reported to the club Welfare Officer and, through them, to the HLTC committee. Details must be available to all users of HLTC social media accounts on how to contact the club Welfare Officer in the event of any such behaviour (the Welfare Officer’s name and contact details are on display in the clubhouse and on the club website).

5. Additional Guidance for Club Officials

Set appropriate privacy levels – remember if children, young people and adults at risk are “liking” your page or following you, others may be able to see who they are. Do not get drawn into arguments. Think about what the most appropriate response should be, as a representative of the club, or if there should be a response at all.

When posting content online there is potential for that content to become publicly available through a variety of means, even if it was intended to be shared privately. Therefore, you should refrain from posting any content to social media that you would not be happy for anyone to see, even if you feel confident that a particular individual would never see it. When using social media, you must maintain the privacy of Helensburgh LTC’s confidential information and that of its members. This includes information that is not publically accessible, widely known, or not expected to be shared outside of the club.

Whenever possible use account settings so that any posts to club social media are reviewed by the appropriate club moderator before they are visible to others. For example, set the ‘Review posts before they are placed on my wall’ setting on Facebook. For other social networking sites moderate them at least bi-weekly.

Place the agreed club official email address on the account so you can be contacted.
Set out terms of use or rules for all who comment or upload images or videos; permission must have been obtained from the individual before uploading any identifiable still or moving image. You must also refrain from posting any information or photos of a sensitive nature. This could include accidents, incidents or controversial behaviour.

Challenge inappropriate or offensive language, behaviour and use of social media and report any such incidents to the HLTC committee. Do not accept children under the age of 13 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or similar accounts. Ensure you follow the club policy on “The use of images of children and young people under the age of 18” and that you have obtained parental permission.

6. AuthorisedSocialMedia

At the date of this policy the social media platforms authorised by the Helensburgh LTC committee for official club purposes are:

 Facebook


Helensburgh Lawn Tennis Club

The Use of Social Networking and On-Line Media

Helensburgh Lawn Tennis Club ask its members and our online community to promote the 3 commons approach to online behaviour:

Common Courtesy - Common Decency - Common Sense How do we show common courtesy online?

We will respect people’s privacy when promoting the club on social media, our website and local press We do not write, share or upload ‘off-hand’, hurtful, rude or derogatory comments and materials. To do so is disrespectful and may upset, distress, bully or harass.

How do we show common decency online?

We do not post comments that can be considered as being intimidating, racist, sexist, homophobic or defamatory. This is cyber-bullying and may be harassment or libel. When such comments exist online, we do not forward such emails, posts, tweets, videos, etc. By creating or forwarding such materials we are all liable under the law.

How do we show common sense online?

  •   We think before we click.

  •   We think before we upload comments, photographs and videos.

  •   We think before we download or forward any materials.

  •   We think carefully about what information we share with others online, and we check where it is saved and check our privacy settings.

  •   We make sure we understand changes in use of any web sites we use.

  •   We block harassing communications and report any abuse.

  •   Any actions online that can have an impact on our club and can potentially lower the club/club member reputation in some way or are deemed as being inappropriate will be responded to.

  •   In the event that any members, parent/carer’s or visitors are found to be postinglibellous or inflammatory comments on the club social media pages, they will be reported to the Helensburgh LTC Committee. The comments will be removed and further action by the club may be taken.

  •   All social network sites have clear rules about the content which can be posted on the site and they provide robust mechanisms to report contact or activity which breaches this.

    In serious cases we will also consider legal options to deal with any such misuse.

    Approved Sept 2021, to be reviewed Sept 2023

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