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2021-23 Unsupervised Children Policy

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Helensburgh Lawn Tennis Club Policy on Unsupervised Children

Helensburgh Lawn Tennis Club recommend that children under the age of 13 are supervised by their parents/carer whilst at this tennis venue for general play. Children under 13 should never be left unsupervised by a parent/carer even if there are other adult club members or staff present except when attending an organised venue event such as a coaching session or a tennis camp.

If the parent/carer is unable to supervise their child, arrangements need to be made by the parent/carer to designate an alternative adult to supervise. The club and child must be aware of any such arrangements.

Arriving and Leaving The Club Alone

Children under 13 should not be allowed to arrive at or leave Helensburgh Lawn Tennis Club alone unless the club have explicit consent from the parent/carer.

Parent’s Responsibility

It is a parent/carer’s responsibility to teach their child how to respond to emergencies or situations that may arise outside the house, so they feel confident when their child is not under their supervision.

Approved Sept 2021, to be reviewed Sept 2023

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