Wednesday, 06 January 2021 17:15

Covid lockdown — tennis rules

Written by Fiona MacLaren, HLTC Covid-19 Officer

MEASURES to suppress the spread of Coronavirus in regards to tennis exemptions have been ratified by Tennis Scotland today.

Full updated Tennis Scotland guidelines can be found here – currently all tennis clubs in mainland Scotland are Tier 4.

 Key points changed in relation to tier 4 outdoor tennis are as follows:

You can exercise with people from other households outdoors. A maximum of two adults or children aged 12 and above from up to two separate households can meet outdoors for sport, meaning singles play only is possible, unless all players are from the same household or extended household. 

·         Players aged 11yrs and under are exempt from the legal gathering limit of up to 2 people from 2 different households

·         Players 12yr+ should adhere to the Scottish Government’s physical distancing guidelines (staying at least 2m away from others), and practice public health advice for hygiene.

·         Children aged 11 and under do not need to comply with physical distancing from each other at any time although physical distancing should be maintained in an organised environment as far as possible.

·         People who are symptomatic should self-isolate for 10 days and household members for 10 days as per NHS guidance. No one who is self isolating should attend a sports facility/activity.

·         Player access to indoor areas is allowed to access floodlights and  toilets only.

.         Coach Sessions - There is no limit on the number of sessions that a coach can deliver per day

·         Coach Sessions - A maximum of two adults or children aged 12 and above from up to two separate households can take part in tennis coaching (coach excluded) during a lesson.

·         Coach Sessions -  Children aged 11 and under are exempt from these limits, but where group activity is taking place in these circumstances, the number of coaches involved must not exceed household limits (i.e. maximum of two coaches for any given session)

·         Travel for exercise should be minimised to within the local authority or within a 5 mile boundary of the local area.

Of course all existing measures still apply eg social distancing, signing in, using hand sanitiser etc!