Thursday, 03 December 2020 14:41

Now floodlights are free!

Written by Frankie Hanmer

TIDINGS of great joy! The Helensburgh Tennis Club committee has decided that tokens for floodlights will now be provided free of charge.

The committee is hoping that this will make it easier to organise winter evening play and will allow for spontaneity.

It is really hoped that existing members and new ones will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and discover — or rediscover —the fun of playing under lights.

House and grounds convener Ian Parlane has provided a box adjacent to the wall next to the floodlight meters for the free tokens.

Club secretary Frankie Hanmer said: "Please can it be remembered, at close of play in the evening, to switch off the two lights that are under the porch by the lower courts.

"It's easy to think they are the safety lights that stay on, but they are not!"